Thursday, April 5, 2012

Panther's Kitchen

Last Saturday nite, we went to Panther's Kitchen for dinner.... Not knowing where to go, I asked my fren Nicole, and she recommended this place.  I had actually known this place for some time.. but it just never came across my mind.  It's located at 3rd mile Golden Arch Mall. Only opens at night.  Previously it opened during the daytime as well selling BBQ Rice, and I heard that its BBQ Pork is absolutely good as well.  But I guess the business at night is too good so the boss decided to just do business at night.  Doing food business the whole day is damn tiring, cause most of the things, you need to prepare in advance.. 

When we arrived, the place is already full, we got our table as a family has left. As Nicole mentioned to me, their Curry Lamb, Midin, and Fried 3 layered Pork are delicious.. So we ordered all 3 of these.  But 2 of the dishes are with chillies, so we ordered another Sea Cucumber soup for my daughter.  OMG!! 4 dishes for 2 adults & 1 child.  Hmmm.. But obviously, everything is "clean & clear" after the dinner.

The first thing they serve is the curry lamb in claypot.  It's hot and spicy! Before they served the 2nd dish, my hubby already finished his plate of rice and he ordered a 2nd one! Haha.. My poor little girl had to eat her rice with soy sauce.. XD but she said very delicious... :(

Luckily the 2nd thing they served was the Fried 3 layered Pork.  At least my little girl had something to eat her rice with.  This is something similar to Nan Ru Fried 3 Layered Pork, but not with the strong taste of Nan Ru.  But this taste good when u eat it with the belachan sauce provided. 

 This is the cold Midin, or Ulam Midin, or maybe u can call it Midin Salad.  Served with their own made chilli sauce and with some type of Shell Clam.. Sorry I dunno what it's called.  Please do leave a comment if you have any idea what it is called.

Finally, the soup that I've been waiting for... or more specific, my daughter's been waiting for.  With additional of a little bit more rice.. she finished everything in her plate.  This soup taste good.  Normal ingredients, but the soup is good. 

What a satisfied dinner.. Leaving the place with full stomach.. Yum Yum.. The total bill for the food is RM 44.. So I estimated, Curry Lamb RM15, Midin RM10, 3 Layered Pork RM8, Soup RM8 & Rice 3 x RM1.  Not expensive.  Considering the food can actually be served for at least 3 adults.  :)

And yes, we'll definitely go there again.  And the next thing we're gonna try are the fried lamb and curry fish head. 

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