Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rojak Muhammad Kucei

The name of Rojak Kucei is extremely common in Kuching when talking about eating the Indian Rojak.  We used to go to eat this delicious Indian Rojak at their stall at the Batu Lintang Market.  They served their signature dish The Indian Rojak and their Curry Mee.  Just these 2 dishes already made the crowd came storming in their stall.  Sometimes you even have to wait for your seats.  You can see each of their workers do certain task.  The one chopping the chicken will stand there the whole morning chopping till the order stop! While the one frying, preparing the noodle, etc etc... will do their task non stop too... As I can see, the customers starts coming in since 9am-12noon... So you can imagine just how good is their business.  Even rushing and busy with their work, the waiters still serve you with a smile.. That's the great thing!

Kucei is the name of the owner.  He was the one who used to stand there chopping the meat for the dishes, but now, his eldest son had taken over the task.  As their business grows, his younger son opens another outlet at King Centre, and more variety of the Rojak itself is available.  They now served Nasi Beryani as well.  From Chicken to Curry Lamb and Curry Fish.. Their Fish Curry is definitely Yummy!  Especially the Stingray Curry, but it's not available everyday... So you gotta depends on your luck.  

Their famous Rojak, with fried chicken, the tofu, mix vege fritters, bean sprouts, cucumber, and the gravy... Slurp!!

The curry noodle (using yellow noodles and served with the rojak ingredients and the curry gravy)

The Nasi Beryani with Fried Chicken... served with rojak as the side dish, and we ordered the extra Curry Lamb Shank.

The curry Lamb.. we definitely will order this everytime we go... unless it's not available. :p

This is the stingray curry... very delicious.. i like their fish curry gravy.. yum yum... It's not easy if u wanna eat this... You only get to eat this when they bought nice sting ray :)

The Mackerel Curry...

My conclusion, all of the above are yummylicious!!! Si beh ho jiak ar... Go try for yourself!!


  1. Both batu lintang and pending are not same owner. So pls edit it info to avoid misunderstand

    1. hi.. thanks for reading... i wrote his eldest son take over his business at batu lintang.. and his younger son opens another outlet at King Centre (now moved to Pending)
      i nvr mentioned same owner though.. :O

  2. Pending branch too expensive....

  3. I agree.......32.50 for the curry lamb and briyani????? its too expensive...