Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bintawa Kueh Chap

Another Kuching delicacies is the Kueh Chap.. The kueh is something similar to kueh tiaw (or hor fun) but they're in bigger pieces... and served in the soup with the mixture of pork meats and it's intestines, stomach, ear, etc.. (or I like to use the word pig's spare parts! :) And of course, it comes with their special chilli as well.  As the way I eat it, I will put in all the chilli in the soup and finish it!!

This Bintawa Kueh Chap is located at Jalan Keranji, near Tabuan Jaya.  It was originally located at Bintawa, (as described by the name)  The place would normally packed with customers especially during dinner time.  You'll be lucky if you don't have to wait for your seats during the peak hours.  

The Kueh Chap here is delicious.  They have a few options as well, whether you like your pork soup with the kueh, or with rice.  Kolo Mee is also available.  And they have wanton as well.  Unlike the common wanton clear soup that you can get from other kolo mee stall, the wanton here is served with their pork soup.

The Kueh Chap... available from RM 4, RM 5, RM6 (S, M, L)

The Kolo Mee here is not bad too... 

Another option: rice with the pork soup..
(you can have it dry as well) something similar to pork leg rice..

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