Monday, June 6, 2011

Winnie's Cafe

Few months ago, I found from my friend's facebook page of this place called Winnie's Cafe.  It's located opposite Kuching Waterfront Office.  The food looks delicious and nice from the pictures they posted.  So during one fine day, me and my hubby had no idea of where to go for breakfast so I suggested to him the place.  The problem of going there is it's rather hard to find parking.  So we just park at the road side, hoping we won't get a summon for a breakfast... haha...

The shop is just an ordinary old shop, nothing special.. when we looked at the menu, we really had no idea of what to order... too many dishes to choose from.. and all looks good.. the lady boss (Winnie) came to take order twice.  The first time cause we had no idea of what to eat, so we said we looked at the menu first.  The second time she came, we still had no idea of what to order, so she asked us what we would like to had as she can cooked other thing besides what's in the menu. 

So I tell her I wanted noodle with chicken, and my hubby wanted rice with lamb.  I forgot how long we waited, probably around 30 minutes.  But it's worth the waiting.  When the food is served... we goes WOW!!! Here's why.......

This is the chicken and noodle I ordered... the chicken is BBQ chicken, with Kolo Mee.. the side dishes are brocolli, baby corn, peas, and vegetable salad... one word.. YUMMY! We were figuring out how much this plate would cost.  I guessed it's around RM15.  But I was wrong!!.. It's RM8... well.. definitely cheap.  Cause you can see the chef really cooked with passion.  Each meal comes with different side dishes.  And each is nicely decorated.  Basically, the chef cooked the side dishes with what's on her mind and what she feels like cooking.  So you wont get to eat the same thing each time you go.  That's just nice.

So of course, it's a place that we definitely will go back for more food.  So here goes the more and more food from Winnie's Cafe.

Lamb meals....range from RM10-12

Nestum chicken served with bread wrapped in egg, fried rice and sweet and sour chicken.. this portion is too much.. enough for 2 persons.. only cost RM10

Chicken meals... RM8-RM10

Parcel Rice with Promphet, deep fried promphet slices, chicken in soy sause and some vegetable side dishes RM12

This is the kid's meal I ordered for my daughter.. looks nice.. but definitely she couldn't finish it... RM5

Chicken Kolo Mee... 

Seafood Meal, deep fried fish fillet with creamy sauce, deep fried prawn wrapped in noodles with sauce.. yum yum.. RM15 if i'm not mistaken.. 

I definitely love this soup, creamy egg soup... it tasted real good..

Mixed dishes consist of fish fillets, chicken, deep fried prawn, potato salad, and local vegetables with sambal.  The sambal is excellent... 

This is definitely a place that food lover must visit, all her food are cooked without AJINOMOTO and the shop served NO PORK.. So our Muslim friends can have their meals there as well.  You'll be amazed and surprised by the chef each time she served you your meal with different types of food everytime you go.  For friends who are visiting Kuching, this is the place you must go to try the local food.  Winnie is good at preparing local vegetables as well.  But too bad I'm not a big fan of local vegetables... hehe.. You can find her facebook page here Winnie's Cafe

Hmmm... probably I should drop by later for lunch.. hehe.. 


  1. wow. look so... delicious and at affordable prices.

    1. thank you for visiting and ur comments jasonblue :) have a nice day