Sunday, September 25, 2011

Xian Ding Wei @ The Spring Kuching

Last Friday, during my birthday, we went to this Taiwanese Tea Room at The Spring for dinner. 

I ordered the Three Cups Chicken Set Menu which comes with rice, soup and side dishes.  The rice is topped with some minced meat in soy sauce and 2 pieces of pickled cucumber.  

Nothing special about the side dishes.  Some carrot pickles, small piece of fish cake and abalone mushroom.  The soup is tasteless anyway.. 

As for the 3 cups chicken, it taste like normal chicken fried with soy sauce and ginger... not much taste of the shaoxing wine or basil leaves.  XD......

This is pork chop set ordered by hubby... Taste okay only... I still prefer the pork chop rice at Jade Pot.  

As for my little darling, she just shared my portion as she don't eat much.  If we ordered another portion for her, normally will end up my hubby and I stuffing ourselves to finish it... So I ordered another chicken roll I thought she might wanted to eat. It taste good, but end up she didn't eat any.

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