Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNY Food Option (Oppss) :)

When nobody's cooking, and food are expensive during this festive season, you always can choose to eat this... hahaha... just cook the rice anyway.. 

Rice + Bak Kwa + Acar + Cashew Nut

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wasting my money buying this!!!

From the picture, it looks so tempting.. so delicious.. and the chicken drumstick sure looks big!

When it actual fact... it actually looks like THIS!!!

What the fuck is this!! And it tasted bland.. damn... i'm so disappointed with this one.. the whole packet is so oily.. Never trust anything that is wrap inside... DUH!!

The Great Motherporker Burger @ Coffee Talk (Stutong)

Our plan was actually having "rice" dinner at Coffee Talk coffee shop.. but when we arrived, the place was packed with people... and with both me and hubby bringing our little baby.. we just wanted to have a quick dinner... instead of waiting for too long.. coz my baby just had her milk.. and we have like 2-3 hours before her next feeding time.. as my eldest daughter went out with her grandparents, we can have a more quiet dinner.. haha..

Besides seafood, the coffee shop has another burger stall opened.. and as i can see.. with quite a long queue too.. we thought of having burger instead, thinking that it will be faster.. i don't wan half way through dinner.. then my baby start to cry..

From the menu, there are about 8 (i think.. XD) different types of burgers.. but all homemade pork patties.. instead of wondering which one will taste good.. i asked the guy to recommend.. so I ordered 2 different sets.

After 1 hour waiting.. i saw the next table whom arrived after us are already being served with their food.. and we start to regret ordering burger.. otherwise, we would have start eating by then.. My hubby went to ask the stall guy how much longer do we still have to wait for our burger... and the guy said the type of patties that i ordered already finish..

ok.. what the heck... feeling abit anger.. i mean.. why don't they just tell me earlier then i can ordered something else.. and they looked very sorry for that.. so I just tell them to serve us any 2 sets that they have..

And thank God!!! It's the best burger I've ever had.. Delicious... Or just like what Chef Gordon Ramsay would say.. "it's fucking delicious!"

RM10 for this set.. homemade pork patties.. and the portion is huge... and yes.. no regret waiting for so long.. :)

edited: I just found out that the name of this set of burger is called "The Great Motherporker" :)

Hi Again!!

I've been missing from my blog for more than 9 months... wow... been busy with a new member to the family... and now she's nearly 5 months.. i guess it's time for me to start blogging about food again... XD

how i missed this... as i logged today.. i realize i still have plenty viewers at my blog.. hehe.. thank you for your support... thank you very much...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wokwok Kitchen

Saw from friend's facebook about this newly opened cafe called Wokwok Kitchen.  Located at Jln Foochow 1, opposite Dorset Hotel.  You can find their facebook link here.  They served oriental food, and western food at night.

We went there for breakfast.  Hubby tried their Nasi Lemak.  I tried the sambal.  Not bad.. but they gave too little so we asked for more.  The curry doesn't taste that nice though.

I tried their mee mamak.  Taste good.  Will go back there to try their western food soon.