Monday, September 26, 2011

Hoi Tin Lau Restaurant @ Jalan Mendu

We were here during last Sunday for dinner to celebrate mother in law's birthday.  Seems like everyone in the family is celebrating their birthday this month... which also means a big hole in the pocket.... haha.. 

Earlier this month, we were also here for father in law's birthday and they find the food good... so here we are again!  As for the first time, I didn't manage to capture the pictures of the food cause the moment I tried to do so, my daughter snatched away my phone... and busy playing with the phone whole nite.. 

This time, I bring my compact camera as well, in case the same thing happen... hehe.. and luckily I did.. she end up playing with the compact camera instead....

The first dish served is this Thai Style Bidin... served with dried shrimps and Thai sauce... simply delicious. You must order this if you're here... It's their chef's recommended..

Fish Lips Soup... not the best but acceptable.. 

Yong Chow Fried Rice... YUMMY...

Crispy Duck.... a bit disappointed with this one... This is the 2nd time we ordered this.  The first time was delicious and the meat is tender.  But this time the duck was kinda over roasted until some part of the meat also became kinda crispy... 

Butter Prawn... delicious.. 

And finally, Thumbs Up for this Sweet & Sour Pork.. very delicious.. I can say the best I've tasted.. the meat is tender and the taste is simply marvellous.

The total bills for the 6 course dinner that night was RM189.00 including drinks for 6 adults.  Average Price for a Restaurant like this.  And yes, we're coming back again soon.. :)

Oh ya, not forgetting the Phillipines Pork Arm that I managed to take the pic from the first time we were here with the price of RM60 each.. It's deep fried.  The aroma is not bad, but the skin is too hard to bite.. not suitable if you don't have a strong teeth... Hubby told me there's a place in Sibu serving this as well, and the skin is crispy and easy to bite. Hmmm... can't wait to go to Sibu and try it!!!

The place was packed with customers by the time we finished our dinner.  Most of the tables are reserved as well.

So if you wanna make any reservation, here's the contact:

G/F, Sublot 8,9 & 10, Section 64,
KTLD, Panovel Commercial Centre,
Jalan Mendu, 93300 Kuching.
Tel: 082-256 328   Fax: 082-247 328
or 016-807 8118 (Belinda Goh)

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