Monday, February 27, 2012

Sarawak Laksa

After the super yummy famous Kuching Kolo Mee, now let me share with you the famous Sarawak Laksa.  This is just another favourite breakfast for the Kuching Lang! And just like the Kolo Mee, most of the coffee shop in Kuching will have a Laksa Stall.  

Cooking the Laksa Soup itself is not an easy task.  I tried to cooked it once and it took me 2-3 hours to prepare all those soup, and the ingredients for the laksa.  You can easily buy the Laksa Paste from the supermarket.  The swallow brand is good.  Maybe one of these days I'm gonna cook it and blog it. :)

Anyway, you can easily get a bowl of this tasty food from just RM 4.  Depending on the prawn size.. :)  A simple bowl of laksa consists of beehoon, bean sprouts, shredded chicken, egg strips, coriander leaves, and belachan!!  A delicious bowl of laksa is always judge from the soup cooked from the prawn & chicken stock, laksa paste and coconut milk.

My favourite Laksa is at Fei Mau coffee shop at Stutong.  Just for your information, it's the same as the one at Chong Choon Cafe @ Abell Road.  Even the coffee shop below the Long House Hotel (the corner shop at the traffic light) is also the same.  The Laksa Soup is just so delicious.  But I prefer the one at Fei Mau.. cause the tauke nio is friendly and they have the big prawn laksa for only RM 7.  See the picture below. 

RM 7.00 Big Prawns Laksa @ Fei Mau
(If you wanna order this big prawn laksa, you gotta tell the tauke nio u wan the RM 7 laksa, cause the price is not displayed on the signboard :))

RM 5.00 @ Fei Mau (smaller prawns)

RM 5.00 @ coffee shop below Long House Hotel
(same taste with the one at Fei Mau and Chong Choon)

RM 6.00 @ Choon Hui Cafe
(this is another famous spot for Laksa, but i think the price is too expensive compare to the one at Fei Mau, and honestly, the laksa here sometimes taste good, sometimes no....)

RM 5 or RM 6 @ Golden Arch Cafe (the stall facing the main road)
also another famous spot for Laksa.. the taste is acceptable.. Sometimes they also have Lobster Laksa as well  (when lobsters are available)

RM 5 @ Fu Yu Coffee Shop Sekama 
(another option for Laksa Beehoon is Laksa Noodle)

RM 5 @ Yi Ann Coffee Shop Sekama

@ Thompson Corner Tabuan Jaya (with clam)

All of the above laksa are recommended, the taste is acceptable to me.  But the best one of course is still the one from Fei Mau.  I only like my Laksa being served with Fresh Sea Prawns (salt water prawns), and definitely not the fresh water prawns.  I think the fresh water prawns taste really bad.. especially with the taste of mud!! I'm not into fresh water fish either.. XD

Besides the above, here are some of the Laksa that I'm not going to taste for the 2nd time.  And don't ask me why :p

@ 456 Cafe behind One TJ 
(it used to be tasty, but this one is just too salty.  The 4 prawns that you see... 2 of them were fresh water prawns XD)

@ Thian Fock Cafe Kenyalang (the stall called Laksa King)  too much coconut milk

@ Expert Food Court Jalan Song (soup not good + muddy prawns XD)


  1. Thanks, Adeline for all the laksa photos and comments. I appreciate it. Good job!

  2. WOW..this is the best blog ever. Can u tell me where is the fei mau laksa?

  3. Hi Adrian, tq for support... Fei Mau coffee shop is located behind AmBank at stutong