Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Curry Chicken !!!

This gotta be my most favourite curry chicken.  You can eat this tasty curry chicken at Lee Cafe, Green Road, from the stall selling steam soup.  Curry Paste is also available for sell by the tauke nio.  A lot of people ordered her curry for parties too.  Have a try!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sarawak Laksa

After the super yummy famous Kuching Kolo Mee, now let me share with you the famous Sarawak Laksa.  This is just another favourite breakfast for the Kuching Lang! And just like the Kolo Mee, most of the coffee shop in Kuching will have a Laksa Stall.  

Cooking the Laksa Soup itself is not an easy task.  I tried to cooked it once and it took me 2-3 hours to prepare all those soup, and the ingredients for the laksa.  You can easily buy the Laksa Paste from the supermarket.  The swallow brand is good.  Maybe one of these days I'm gonna cook it and blog it. :)

Anyway, you can easily get a bowl of this tasty food from just RM 4.  Depending on the prawn size.. :)  A simple bowl of laksa consists of beehoon, bean sprouts, shredded chicken, egg strips, coriander leaves, and belachan!!  A delicious bowl of laksa is always judge from the soup cooked from the prawn & chicken stock, laksa paste and coconut milk.

My favourite Laksa is at Fei Mau coffee shop at Stutong.  Just for your information, it's the same as the one at Chong Choon Cafe @ Abell Road.  Even the coffee shop below the Long House Hotel (the corner shop at the traffic light) is also the same.  The Laksa Soup is just so delicious.  But I prefer the one at Fei Mau.. cause the tauke nio is friendly and they have the big prawn laksa for only RM 7.  See the picture below. 

RM 7.00 Big Prawns Laksa @ Fei Mau
(If you wanna order this big prawn laksa, you gotta tell the tauke nio u wan the RM 7 laksa, cause the price is not displayed on the signboard :))

RM 5.00 @ Fei Mau (smaller prawns)

RM 5.00 @ coffee shop below Long House Hotel
(same taste with the one at Fei Mau and Chong Choon)

RM 6.00 @ Choon Hui Cafe
(this is another famous spot for Laksa, but i think the price is too expensive compare to the one at Fei Mau, and honestly, the laksa here sometimes taste good, sometimes no....)

RM 5 or RM 6 @ Golden Arch Cafe (the stall facing the main road)
also another famous spot for Laksa.. the taste is acceptable.. Sometimes they also have Lobster Laksa as well  (when lobsters are available)

RM 5 @ Fu Yu Coffee Shop Sekama 
(another option for Laksa Beehoon is Laksa Noodle)

RM 5 @ Yi Ann Coffee Shop Sekama

@ Thompson Corner Tabuan Jaya (with clam)

All of the above laksa are recommended, the taste is acceptable to me.  But the best one of course is still the one from Fei Mau.  I only like my Laksa being served with Fresh Sea Prawns (salt water prawns), and definitely not the fresh water prawns.  I think the fresh water prawns taste really bad.. especially with the taste of mud!! I'm not into fresh water fish either.. XD

Besides the above, here are some of the Laksa that I'm not going to taste for the 2nd time.  And don't ask me why :p

@ 456 Cafe behind One TJ 
(it used to be tasty, but this one is just too salty.  The 4 prawns that you see... 2 of them were fresh water prawns XD)

@ Thian Fock Cafe Kenyalang (the stall called Laksa King)  too much coconut milk

@ Expert Food Court Jalan Song (soup not good + muddy prawns XD)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kuching Kolo Mee

The most famous food in Kuching definitely is the Kuching Kolo Mee.  It's taken for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even for supper!!! I can 100% sure that any Kuching Kia who went overseas or anywhere outside Kuching, will definitely missed the Kolo Mee more than they missed their lover.. haha... Every coffee shop you go, you will definitely see a Kolo Mee Stall.

A traditional Kolo Mee uses lard (pork oil).  But some opt for shallots oil.  But of course, the one using lard tastes better. I like my noodle which is cooked just right.  You won't want to eat a sticky noodle which is over cooked or the stall owner is just too lazy to change the water. And of course, it's RED in colour.  The red colour is called the Char Siew Oil.  Makes the noodles taste abit sweet.  Simply delicious!  Besides just noodles, you can also choose Kueh Tiaw or Bee Hoon.

1. My favourite Kolo Mee is the one at Green Road.  The corner Coffee Shop opposite Chonglin Plaza.  A favourite hangout place for the uncles.  They sell nothing else but Kolo Mee.  But you have to be there early.  If you're there around 10am, probably you'll be disappointed already.  You'll see the tauke start cleaning his stall. :)  Sorry for not being able to provide the picture for this one.  Will try my best to drop by there earlier to snap 1.

2. My 2nd choice of Kolo Mee is also at Green Road.  It's the stall at the entrance of Jalan Gold Jade.  The stall is setup just by the road side. If I'm not mistaken they start selling around 3-4pm till night.  Normally we will go there for takeaway for supper.  (updated with pictures)

 The tapao (take away) look!

 Sorry for the blur pic... Coz can't wait to eat it already... haha

These 2 Kolo Mee at Green Road is definitely the taste of the Original Traditional Kolo Mee.

3.  My 3rd favourite Kolo Mee is the one at Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya.  The stall is Ah Lian Kolo Mee. They have seafood Kolo Mee as well.  They start selling in the morning till night.  Mostly I will ask hubby to tapau for supper. :)  (updated with pic)

The kolo Kueh Tiaw. We had it for breakfast coz I wanted to snap a pictures for this post!!
Honestly speaking, it taste abit different from the one we always tapao for supper.
Coz it's cooked by different person. The lady who cooked it during the night time certainly makes it better!!

Following, are more Kolo Mee!!!

This one is located at Foochow Road No.1.  The stall is opposite Taw Tyres & Batteries (refer to the picture below)  There are a few Kolo Mee Stall setup by the road side along Foochow Road.  This one is recommended!

This is from Kenyalang Market. Recommended!

Min Joo Kee @ Ang Cheng Ho, recommended!

Swee Sen Cafe @ 10th Mile Padawan (Corner shop next to Majlis Perbandaran Padawan)

More option for the Kolo Mee nowdays, instead of just Char Siew (BBQ Pork) and minced pork with average price of RM 2.80, you will find Seafood Kolo Mee or Wanton Kolo Mee.  The picture above @ RM6.00 per bowl.  Which is quite worth, as you can see with fresh prawns, wanton, shrimp balls and fish balls.  Recommended and it's also one of the  famous spot for Kolo Mee in Kuching.

Yi Ann Coffee Shop @ Sekama

Another option is a bowl of Seafood Soup + Kolo Mee.  This one is at Noodle Expert, Kenyalang

No. 6 Coffee Shop @ Jalan Song (Opposite One Jaya)
This is not the original Kolo Mee style.  The noodles are thicker in size.  This one taste good too.

Little Hainan @ Bormill (sorry to say but this one doesn't taste good to me)

Choon Hui Cafe @ Ban Hock Road (this one is sticky!!!)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bacon Roll

Been MIA for few months from my blog.. I guess now's the time to get started with what I've been storing in my hard disk these few months. Here's the Bacon Roll I prepared during the Chinese New Year.  Yeah.. I know.. such a delayed post.. but anyway, here's the original recipe from the book "Fortunes Aplenty" (Seashore Publishing).  But obviously I only get the idea from the book and with modification of the recipes.  It's common as Chinese cooking doesn't need you to necessarily following the recipe 100%. :) It all depends on what you have in the fridge or shelves..


Ingredients A:
10 slices Bacon
2 tbsp mayonnaise (I add in about 1 tbsp of chilli sauce)

Ingredients B:
250g fish paste (I replaced this with mixture of pork and prawn)
1 stalk coriander (chopped) (I omitted this)
50g carrot (chopped)
3 pieces water chestnut (chopped and squeezed)

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar (I omitted this)
1/8 tsp pepper
1 tsp sesame oil
1/2 egg white
1 tsp corn flour

2 tbsp LP Sauce (I replaced with Lee Kum Kee Light Soy Sauce)
1 tsp Maggie seasoning sauce
5 tbsp water
2 tbsp chilli sauce (I used 1 tbsp only)

1. Soak bacon in water for 10 minutes.  Remove and dry with kitchen towel, then cut into 2 slices.
2. Mix Ingredients B with Seasonings till sticky and divide the mixture into 20 portions.
3. Lay a piece of bacon and top with a portion of fish paste.  Roll it up to become a cylinder.
4. Heat up some oil in flat-bottom pan.  Place in bacon rolls with the sealed side facing down.  Pan-fry over low heat till both sides turn light brown (turn it over during half way)
5. Pour in Sauce ingredients.  Lightly stir till the sauce is dried.
6. Remove and arrange the rolls on serving plate.  Drizzle the top with mayonnaise.

Since I didn't weight my ingredients I still got left over of the meat.  So I just keep it in the fridge.  And guess what, this is what I do with the left over meat after the Chinese New Year. :)