Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elcerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Our 3rd night at KL end up at Elcerdo at Changkat Bukit Bintang... We had never been to this place before.  It was suggested by our friend, Carol.  She said she will bring us to eat something special... Indeed it is.

The street is basically 2 rows full of Pubs and Bistros... and full of people too.  

The place was already full of customers when we arrived around 8.30 pm.  Carol had booked a table earlier, so we had no problem finding seats.  She had even ordered their famous Roasted Suckling Pig.  I had no idea what is the actual name as I didn't get a chance to glance at the menu. 

You will see a cute pig at the entrance of the restaurant and funny Monalisa photo editing door handle. I wondered if Leonarda Da Vinci would jump out from his coffin if he sees this... haha.. 

Basically the restaurant served pork.. as you could see from the signboard, "nose to tail eating".  So everything is about pork here.  

Carol ordered a big glass of Hoegaarden for us.. Nice beer. Not much gas compared to other types of beers.  But it's more expensive compare to Heineken or Carlsberg.  Therefore, most pubs in Kuching are not selling this yet.  

The side dishes for the Suckling Pig... Bread and some dunno what... XD.. it tasted weird to me.. so I didn't eat this.

Wow... delicious looking ain't it... Can't wait to taste this... But.. WAIT!!  You need to make a wish before you eat this.  We understand from the owner of this restaurant, Mr Werner, that according to the Spanish tradition, they will make a wish, either Love or Money.  You can choose either one only.  After you do, you will chop the piglet using a plate.  After chopping the pig, you'll need to break the plate for your wish to come true.. Sounds interesting.

It's our honour to have Mr Werner to chop the piglet together with us.  Thanks to Carol.  :)

If you wish for Money, you need to hold the plate with you thumb touching 4 & 8 o'clock direction. (Refer to the pictures above)  And 3 & 9 o'clock if you wish for Love.  And off you go breaking your plates.  (Of course you don't simply throw it on the floor.  There's a bucket provided for you)

Okay... too excited, I forgot to take pictures of the broken plates!

After chopping the piglet with plates, Mr Werner brought it back to the kitchen and chop it into smaller pieces for us.  It is served with their special sauce, some mashed potato and salad. 

The combination of the sauce and the pork is superb.  Yummy Yummy!!

And Yes... I'll definitely come back again the next time I visit KL.  I have no idea how much is the total bill for these as Carol already paid.  She said the piglet is RM138 (for half pig).  It is imported.. so I think the price is not so expensive.  

Me and hubby couldn't finished this half piglet, due to we were still quite full after the afternoon Yong Tau Hu.  And Carol only had a bite.  So we had a takeaway for the remaining few pieces.

They had many other porky dishes too.. The next time I come, I would like to try the pork rib and their pork sausages as well.. And thanks to Carol, for this wonderful dinner.

For those who dunno where it is, here's the address and contact:

No. 43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603 2145 0511  |  Fax: 603 2145 1375

Business Hours:
Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner
(closed between 3pm - 6.30pm)
except Saturdays, El Cerdo is closed for lunch and open for dinner only.
Reservation: Call 603 2145 0511

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