Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mango Pudding as easy as 123

Made these Mango Pudding last week... I actually bought the pudding powder few weeks ago but didn't bother to make it yet.. Then mother in law mentioned going to Uncle Chin's house on Saturday night.. so I made it on Friday night... 

At first I put the pudding mixture into cups.. as in the pictures.. but only managed to made 12 cups.. hhmmm too little for the crowd.. so the next day I bought another packet and made it using pudding mould instead.. so it's enough for everyone.. anyway, I forgot to take pictures of the jelly in mould.

This packed pudding powder are just too easy.. boiling 1500 ml of water then turn off the fire and mix in the mixture and stir it for 5 minutes... then pour in the fruit sugar (also in the packet).. stir it a little bit more then it's ready to be pour in the mould or cups... refrigerate it until it is set before adding in longan or lychee.. anyway, it's ur own liking.. put any fruits u like.
One thing I figure out is do not use exactly 1500ml of water.. i used 1300-1400ml of water only.. and I think the texture of the pudding is better... not over soft.. just nice.. you won't wanna see water coming out from your pudding few hours after you refrigerate it rite?

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