Monday, May 30, 2011

Rice Dumpling (Zong Zi)

Early yesterday morning, I received a sms from Sally telling me that her granny (my nanny) had made rice dumpling and reserved some for me.. huhuhu... i haven't been tasting it for more than 10 years... really missed the taste of childhood eh... so after having lunch at mom's with hubby and daughter... we went to collect the rice dumpling house that i missed so much from my nanny's house.

It's not that I haven't been eating dumpling in these 10 years.. my mother in law makes really nice rice dumplings that I really love to eat also... full of ingredients, and taste so good that makes me don't feel like eating the rice dumpling selling at hawker stalls..

I miss my nanny's dumpling because it's the taste of childhood that I missed.. I remember when i was a kid, i didn't like to eat the rice dumpling with meat.  So my nanny would made a few without meat for me.. haha.. as time goes by, of course the more ingredients the better.. :)  Nothing taste better than home made dumpling.

As soon as I get home, of course I quickly have a taste of it... couldn't wait any longer... haha..  

Thanks aunty for the lovely dumplings... :)

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