Thursday, April 5, 2012

Harbour Court

Harbour Court Kopitiam is located at Jalan Chan Chin Ann.  It's located behind the KTS Building.. and in front of it is the harbour where the local fishermen parked their boats there.

It's my favourite place for having a nice bowl of Foochow Mee Sua.  The best thing about eating the Mee Sua here is the chicken drumstick is boneless.  Hey.. it's not easy eating drumstick with the bone using chopstick.. unless with the help of your hand.  But I guess it's very thoughtful of the tauke to take away the bone.  

Just by looking at the picture u can tell it taste strong of red wine.
This place is definitely famous for it's mee sua. 

 This is the stew beef noodle.  I don't eat beef.. so I dunno how's the taste.
But hubby said it tasted so so only.

This is Zao Chai Bee Hoon Soup.  It doesn't taste that good to me as well.
Not enough taste of the Zao Chai, or they over washed the Zao Chai, so the taste is gone.

This is the Fried Zao Chai Bee Hoon.  Also doesn't taste good enough for me as well.  
Same reason as the above.

The best one is still the Foochow Mee Sua.  Definitely worth you to come all the way here to try it.

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  1. Yupz.. tasted a few dishes there.. the best at the kopitiam is still the meesua... :)