Friday, April 6, 2012

Winnie's Cafe (Part 2)

For more info of Winnie's Cafe, you all can refer to my first post here.  For reservation, please call Winnie @ 016 895 9998.. It's definitely worth your visit there.  Photos posted here are all collected from previous visits to her cafe.. as I decided to post everything together.  And as you all can see, each visit certainly comes with a surprise of new dishes.  

Please be "warned" that you won't be able to eat a similar plate of dish for the 2nd time from Winnie's Cafe.. hahaha.. cause I tried many times asking Winnie to do the same thing that she made for me previously, even showing her the pics... but end up another new item... XD.. you'll be dissappointed cause you can taste the delicious food again, but you also be happy cause you'll be tasting another new delicious item. 

She always comes out with new ideas of dishes.  Most importantly, no MSG is added in her food.  And of course, I would like to mention here again that her food is HALAL!! So our Muslims friends definitely can enjoy her cooking as well.

I must say her food looks very Japanese Bento Style, but the dishes are mixed of local, western, chinese, japanese.. etc etc... If you're bringing overseas friends over.. do ask her to cook the local style food for them to try.  

Tips for ordering your food at Winnie's Cafe:
1. Let her know what type of meat you wanted (Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Seafood, Fish, etc)
2. Vegetarian dishes available as well
3. Let her know what you don't eat
4. Spicy or no spicy for your food
5. Just let her know any special request you wanted
6. That's it... let her creativity works.. :p

You can order in advance before you go to her shop as well if your break time is short.  As you can see... such special dishes need some time to prepare. (Please!!! No prank calls allowed)

Okay, cut the crap and just enjoy the pictures of the food.  Sorry for the bad lighting and bad angled pic.. :)  Blame the lousy photographer (me and myself) and iPhone4 camera.. :)
Lighter meal (Fried Rice In Bag)


My favourite (Stuffed Chicken Wings and Fried Kueh Tiaw)

(Another lighter meals that I ordered)

 (The lamb cubes is cooked with something like sweet and sour sauce,
we tried to order this again, but like I've said... it never taste the same.. hahaha)

 It's always so hard to get 4 plates together to take a picture... else it would be perfect..
cause firstly, you'll have to order 4 sets of meal.
Secondly, you'll need to wait until all 4 sets are served.. which is really hard..
coz by the time ur set comes... you are already too hungry looking at the yummy food
rather than waiting for the rest of the meals for snapping photos.. hehe

 These were the garoupas we brought and ask her to cook for us... Ain't it mouth watering???
They look so damn good and taste really delicious!

 (Notice the little hand there?... She said her hand wanna take pic as well)

 Something nice Winnie prepared for my hubby during his birthday...

 Not forgetting the red eggs too (really thoughtful of her)..
and complimentary Chick Kut Teh Soup

 Fruit & Potato Salad for my little princess

 (Take away that I ordered.. Really BIG portion)

Mix Chicken Soup

 Another big packet of takeaway that I ordered for lunch.. please note that this is a bigger lunch box..
not the normal smaller ones that you get from takeaway chicken rice or fast food.
Compare the size of it from the keyboard behind the box in the pic)

Seafood Tom Yam Soup

 Sup Kambing

 When something lighter is prefered, you can order a normal plate of fried rice as well ;)

Okay... this is not the end... will be back with Part 3.. of course.. means more visit to her shop and taking more photos... :)


  1. hi,
    just a lil suggestion..
    can you post the locations of these eateries please?..cos it all looks really yummy n m dying to trying em out

  2. Hi.. u can visit my previous post for Winnie's Cafe @

    It is located at Main Bazaar... directly opposite Kuching Waterfront Office.. Thanks