Thursday, April 12, 2012

Penang Seafood

Located at Jalan Central Timur, same block with Soon Onn Furniture, it's opened quite a long time ago.  Well known for it's Penang Prawn Noodle and Penang Char Kueh Tiaw.  Their Prawn Noodle certainly taste good, comparing to other Penang Prawn Noodle in Kuching.  But I never taste the original prawn noodle from penang.. so I don't have a comparison :) 

Served with prawn, pork ribs, egg, kangkung, tauge, and yellow noodle.
The soup is good. RM5 for this one.

Another thing that I like very best from this shop is their porridge.  Their porridge soup taste really good.  They have crab, prawn, and fish porridge.  But I always ordered their prawn porridge.  The soup taste of wine and coriander leaves. Love it!


Penang Fried Bee Hoon... RM5 (for special).. taste good... not oily.. The Char Kueh Tiaw also delicious.

Assam Laksa.. i understand that the soup is cooked from blended fish flesh... it's served with vege and pineapple.  As the beehoon finished already, we asked them to replace it with yellow noodle instead.  No comment for this one, cause it taste abit weird.. maybe cause we never taste it.  Just like people from other states come to taste our belachan beehoon and finds it weird.  But we definitely love our belachan beehoon.

They also have dessert available. This is cendol with red bean cake.
Taste very nice.  They also have pudding, taufu hua.. and some other. 

All the food above are available for breakfast and lunch.  During night time, seafood are also available.  And the food are good as well.

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