Monday, July 4, 2011

Simple & Easy Spaghetti

I prefer cooking spaghetti than instant noodles.. of course it's healthier.  It's easy to prepare anyway, using Prego spaghetti sauce.  Normally I cooked half packet of the spaghetti with 1 small can of the Prego sauce.  Just enough for 2 persons and a small portion for my girl.  When you're looking for a quick meal, or no idea of what to cook, I think this is the best meal to prepare.

The instruction asked to cook the spaghetti for 13 minutes, but I only cooked it for 10 minutes.  Because since I'm going to cooked it again together with the sauce, so I cut down the 1st cooking time a bit to avoid having an overcooked spaghetti.

My favourite ingredients to go with my spaghetti are the Prego Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce and Ayamas Mushroom Sausage.  (Everything mushroom... haha.. but it tastes good)  Besides that, you can add any ingredients that you like.. eg. canned mushroom, prawns, squid, anything u like...I don't eat beef, so beef is out of my menu. 

Fried the sausage first, then removed the oil.  You don't need an oily spaghetti in your stomach, and you don't need too much oil to cooked the other ingredients.  Using just a little oil, fry the onion till fragrant before adding in the sauce.  Add in a little water, not too much.. and about 1 teaspoon of sugar.  

When the sauce boils, add in the spaghetti and cook for around 1 minute.  You can either cooked your spaghetti with the sauce, or place your spaghetti on a plate and spoon over the sauce on top to serve.  I prefer to cooked the spaghetti with the sauce.  

Yummy~~~ Easy to prepare and delicious.

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